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  • Students will then need their username and password.

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Get to know Edmentum Exact Path!

This year, we are using an online learning program from Edmentum called Exact Path. This exciting digital tool personalizes learning across grades K12 in reading, language arts, and math. It starts by targeting each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses with a computer-adaptive assessment, and then it prescribes a tailored playlist of lessons, practice, and short quizzes at their learning level. Students can earn rewards and monitor their own progress each step of the way. Your student will be using this program at school, but he or she can also continue learning at home.

Where can my student find his or her work?

Your student will primarily work within his or her unique learning path, which is based on assessment results for each available subject. Within a learning path, no more than four skills will ever display at once. Each skill could consist of a lesson, practice, and a quiz.

Outside of the learning path, a student might also receive additional assignments from a teacher. Each assignment will have a specified due date.

How will the learning path change as my student keeps working?

After completing each set of skills displayed in the learning path, a short Progress Check will be unlocked. This will assess a student’s understanding of the skills he or she just learned and determine if additional review is needed or if the student is ready to move ahead. If the student does not master a skill, he or she will receive a prerequisite skill known as a Building Block to help shore up foundational concepts. Additionally, your student’s teacher will be notified and will be able to intervene via offline instruction or choose to create a digital assignment the student can complete within Exact Path.

Where can my student see his or her progress?

The Rewards area tracks all progress and skill mastery the student has made in Exact Path.

  • Mastery Trophies: Students must earn 80 percent or above on each skill within the Progress Check in order to earn a Trophy for that skill.
  •  Challenge Badges: Teachers can create personalized challenges for a single student or an entire class to motivate learning. These can include setting goals around how many skills students should master or how much time they should spend learning in the program.