East Campus Staff
Chris Kittleson Administrator
Sam Kerr East Campus Classroom Instructor
Amanda Anderson Campus Classroom Instructor
Pam Knopp Campus Para-educator
Pam Popiel East Campus Para-educator
 Jeff Bertelson,

Becky Craigo

 HOTR Liaison


East Campus is a self-contained classroom at Beach High School that provides academic support for students who are currently housed at Home on the Range.  Students who face more academic challenges will begin at the Home on the Range classroom until the academic team determines it is appropriate for their movement to East Campus.  Our goal is simple, we strive to provide a response to intervention (RTI) model for all of our students so that they have at least one advocate from either Beach public schools or Home on the Range.    This advocate will touch base with their student daily to develop a nurturing relationship and provide academic support to work towards credit completion and the ultimate goal of graduation.  This is accomplished through collaborative weekly meetings by the teachers and HOTR advocates at East Campus and Home on the Range.  During these meetings, the team discusses how each student is functioning academically as well as socially.  The end goal is for the students to transition through the different educational opportunities until they are in the mainstream at Beach High School.

Home on the Range and Beach Public Schools collaborated during the spring of 2019 to effectively strategize a means to provide both education and therapeutic care during the normal school day.  This concept is accomplished through splitting the population of the Home on the Range into gender specific classrooms.  This allows for less tension from the students when it comes to relationships and it has also brought about stronger grades and fewer disciplinary referrals.

The boys attend school in the morning session.  This is a 3-hour block with 23 minutes assigned to a 7 period day.  The team decided that with no lecture or discussion time in our setting, we could break down the day into learning/tutoring opportunities where the classroom size was substantially reduced.  This allowed for greater individualized instruction.   After lunch, the girls are brought to East Campus and Home on the Range campus classrooms for the second half of the school day.  During the opposite sessions, students meet with their therapists, do homework, arts/crafts, and are involved with group sessions that are beneficial for them to work their way through their individualized programs developed at Home on the Range.

The benefits of this new approach is now there are smaller class sizes, greater focus on academic success, therapy sessions during the school day, and now there is free time in the evening for the students to recharge their emotion “batteries.”