East Campus Staff
Chris Kittleson Administrator
Sam Kerr East Campus Classroom Instructor
Amanda Anderson Campus Classroom Instructor
Pam Knopp Campus Para-educator
Kayla Heckaman East Campus Para-educator
 Kari Wilwand  East Campus Para-educator

East Campus is a self-contained academic/support program at Beach High School that focuses on teaching appropriate social skills to those students who lack these skills to the point that they are not able to function effectively in the regular education classrooms. They are referred to the East Campus program after having demonstrated that their behavior warrants placement there.

The behaviors addressed and taught in the East Campus program include: Following instructions, accepting feedback, accepting “No” for an answer, greeting, making a request, getting the teacher’s attention, staying on task, and completing assigned work. The social skills curriculum is an adaptation of the Social Skills Curriculum used in the Boys Town School Program. The skills are taught/reinforced through the use of the complete teaching interaction. Staff throughout the school can use this tool with the students.

Appropriate behaviors are positively reinforces with points at each occurrence as the student begins working on his or her needed skills. As the student acquires the use of these particular skills, the behavior will be reinforces on an intermittent schedule.

Negative point consequences will be earned when the student engages in inappropriate classroom or social behaviors. When a student has a major rule violation, he will be taken to an interventionist (Administrator or social worker) to engage in an administrative intervention.

Points are redeemed for privileges or tangible reinforcers are designated times. Sometimes points go toward a group activity.

Class work is provided by the student’s usual classroom teachers. Each student works his way gradually back into his regular classrooms as his behavior warrants. Students are expected to continue to practice the social skills learned in the East Campus classroom when they are in all other areas of the school.