Student Organizations and Advisors
Close Up: Rod Merkel
Student Council: Sonja Groll
FBLA: Carol Bartz Homecoming:
FFA: Marty Campbell
National Honor Society: Wayne Heckaman


Support Services
Book Club
Buccaneer Revolution
Building Level Support Team
RUSH  (Reinforcement Using Study Skills
Peer Tutoring
Schoolwide Title I Program


504 Coordinator: Leanne Benes
Activities Director: David Wegner
Crisis/Drug Coordinator: Leanne Benes
Technology Coordinator:


Miscellaneous Student Organizations and Advisors
Annual Staff: Marty Campbell
Know Your State: Rod Merkel
Band: Kelly Wilwand
Math Counts: Amanda Stoltz/Loni Thilmony
Choral Music: Jill Tescher Science Olympiad: Dale Peplinski
Geography Bee: Rod Merkel/Mike Zier Speech/Debate: Angie Helsper
Jr. Class/Prom: Amanda Anderson/Pam Knopp
Spelling Bee: Linda Bacon/Angie Helsper